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twilightxchange's Journal

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A Twilight Picture Sharing Community
This is a picture sharing community where people post their favorite pictures from the Twilight Saga movies or of its cast.

We're here to help you expand your Twilight picture collection and hopefully entertain you at the same time.

Three simple things -- Follow the rules, post as much as you like and no drama.

Join and have fun!

Have questions, comments or anything else to report? Please PM one of our staff members.

+ Pictures must be Twilight Saga or Twilight Saga cast related.
+ No more than 1 picture before the cut
+ Posts must be under a cut or they will be automatically rejected.
+ No graphics (fanart, icons, banners)
+ No Videos
+ No advertising
+ No fake cuts to outside journals or fansites
+ This is not a requesting community, do not ask for specific types of pictures.

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